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-- Archived News 2016 --

Star Head - 20th November

The predicted bad weather stayed away in time for the Star Head to take place and there were some great perfomances by NRC crews.
IM1 4x - 6:44 (2/2)
WIM2.8+ - 7:16 (2/3)
WIM3.8+ - 7:34 (2/5)
IM2.1x (Nick Woodward) - 7:57 (2/4)
IM2.1x (Liam Barford) - 8:38 (4/4)
IM3.1x (Adam Boix) - 8:11 (2/2)
Nov.1x (Dan Knight) - 7:55 (3/11)
Nov.1x (Alex Tite) - 8:04 (4/11)
WJ16.2x (Niamh Rigby and Josie Golden) - 8:27 (3/5)
WJ17.2x (Niamh Rigby and Josie Golden) - 8:46 (4/5)
Mas.CD.4+ - 7:38 (2/3)

Thanks to everyone who came along to support, and to Chris Radford and Brian Thompson for towing.

Milton Keynes Regatta - 17th September

Many thanks to Milton Keynes Rowing Club for another excellent regatta. As always our friends were great hosts. On an overcast, windy day the club managed 4 excellent wins.
The masters crew of Ian Townsend, Giles Mooney, Chris Sentance, Piero DeMarchis and cox Hannah Hore rolled back the years to record a very rare win! They beat Oxford Academicals by 3/4 of a length in masters B/C 4+.
The second win came from Will Eastwood who beat Cambridge 99 by 2 lengths in Masters singles.
The mixed crew of Claire Elliot, Ian Townsend, Amy Walker and Chris Sentance remained unbeaten in all competitions, stretching some back 3 years, when then beat Broxbourne by 1½ lengths in Masters C/D/E 4x.
Niamh Rigby and Josie Golden continued their excellent form when they beat Broxbourne by 3½ lengths in their heat of novice double sculls. They went on to beat Bedford RC in their semi-final, again by 3½ lengths and rounded off a great day beating Oundle Town by 2½ lengths in the final.
Other results included: -
J14.1x Kirk Catlin lost by 3L to Broxbourne
J14.1x Megan Stenhouse lost by 3½L to Broxbourne
J16.1x Zac Oliver lost to Action4Youth
J18.2x Dylan Welch, Max Costello, beat Oundle Town by 3L in semi, lost in final to Action4Youth by 1 3/4L
MasA/B/C.2x Chris Hall, William Eastwood lost to Broxbourne by 2ft!
Mx.IM3.8+ John Burditt, Tom Willis, Stuart Robinson, Richard Sewell, Heather Lucy, Hannah Lavender, Hannah Jane, Carol Holmes, cox Piero De Marchis beat Oundle by 2ft in semi, lost to Broxbourne in final by 1L
J14.2x Megan Stenhouse and Kirk Catlin lost to Broxbourne by 5L
J18.1x Max Costello lost to Action4Youth by 2L
Mx.IM3.2x Heather Lucy and Nick Woodward lost to Milton Keynes by 4L
Nov.4+ John Burditt, Chris Hall, Tom Willis, Stuart Robinson and cox Carol Holmes lost Broxbourne by 2L

Well done to all competitors, particularly those juniors who had to row up in age categories and face some unevenly matched opposition.
Great work also from NRC trainee umpires Richard Ray and Mark Holmes.
Thanks to everyone who came along to help out and support, and to Ian Townsend for towing.

Worcester Autumn Regatta - 10th September

NRC attended the Worcester regatta for the first time in many years. Richard Ray began well in IM1 singles beating Gloucester by 1½ lengths in his heat. He came up just short in the final however losing out by 3/4 of a length to AB Severn Boat Club. Niamh Rigby and Josie Golden entered both WJ16 and WJ17 double sculls. Unfortunately they lost out in both with the verdict in the WJ16 heat being an agonising 2ft!

Open Day - 3rd September

The Rio effect helped attract around 50 people to the club for its latest open day. The attendees got to see and try out all aspects of the club inclucing indoor activities (boat handling, rowing machines, weights and core) and rowing on the water. Thanks to all those who helped to make the event a success.
Register here, if you are interested in attending for the next open day.

Peterborough City RC Summer Regatta - 13th/14th August

The club made the short trip over to Peterborough for the popular summer regatta and came away with 2 exellent wins.
Saturday 1000m
The first win came in IM3 double sculls where Lewis Moran and Liam Barford won (and gained double points due to the size of the event) in an exciting final having qualified via repecharge.
Lewis Moran won again (again got another 2 points!) in IM3 single sculls having dominated his heat, semi and final.
IM2 2x (Woodward/Boix) - 3rd in heat
NOV 2x (Coowar/Westgate) - row through in heat, 3rd in semi final
W.J14 1x (Golden) - 2nd in heat, 1st in rep, 3rd in final

Sunday 500m
IM2 2x (Woodward/Boix) - 2nd place in straight final
ELI 2x (Moran/Barford) - 2nd place in straight final
W.J14 1x (Golden) - 2nd in heat, 2nd in semi, 4th in final
Sat Results...
Sun Results...

Well done to all the competitors and thank you to Brian for towing.

British Rowing Sculling Festival - 13th/14th August

The British Rowing Sculling Festival is an “Omnium of Events” run over two days with points from individual events contributing to the overall ranking of each sculler. Well done to Connor Cockerill who took part in the men's beginner event.

St. Neots Regatta - 23rd/24th July

Great racing, company and weather summed up the trip to the always popular St. Neots regatta. The Club took over 2 packed trailers for the weekend of racing and came away with some brilliant performances and a couple of wins.
Saturday - 1000m
The ladies again showed the way with 2 great wins. The first came in the WIM3.8+ where Alice Burditt, Hannah Watling, Charis Evans, Heather Brown, Rachel Coowar, Laura Trotter, Amy Walker, Louisa Briar and cox Grace Skirrow beat Curlew RC by 2 lengths in their semi. They produced another great perfomance when they went on to beat Lea RC in the final by 1½ lengths.
Claire Elliot and Bijou Bukhory had a richly deserved win in WN.2x. They first beat Sir William Borlase easily in their first heat and followed that up by beating Broxbourne by 3 lenghts in their semi. The girls produced again in the final where they beat Bedford RC by 2 lengths. The win was all the more special given the injuries the girls had been suffering with.
The ladies coxed 4 of Chloe Parmenter, Jayne Morris, Jaqueline Jay, Hannah Foggett and cox Bijou Bukhory made the final in WN4+. They beat Barnes Bridge Ladies (2L) and Auriol Kensington (2L) in their heats but lost out to another Auriol Kensington crew by 5 lengths in the final
Josie Golden and Niamh Rigby produced some fine sculling in WJ15.2x. They beat Peterborough City (E) and Doncaster Schools RA (1¼L) in their heat and semi before losing out to Boston RC by 5 lengths in the final.
IM3 4+ (Piero De Marchis, Harry Baxter, Will Eastwood, Nick Woodward) lost to Norwich (4L)
Novice 4+ (Harry Baxter, Jon Coowar, Tom Willis, Dan Knight and cox Bijou Bukhory) lost to Leeds (1L)
Novice 2x (Tom Willis and Dan Knight) lost to Action 4 Youth (E)
Junior 2x (Max Costello and Dylan Welch) lost to Star Club (4L)
WNovice 2x (Jaqueline Jay and Hannah Foggett lost to Barnes Bridge ladies (E)
Mixed IM3 2x (Niamh Rigby and Max Costello) lost to Maidstone Invicta (E)
IM1 1x (Will Eastwood) lost to Norwich (E)
WJ15 1x (Josie Golden) lost to Star Club (4L)

Sunday - 500m
The club awoke to "chair gate" and while this was being debated, the racing continued. Although there were no wins, we did make it to several finals, with the juniors doing particularly well.
The Northampton Students (BenW??) were nearly left red faced in the semi of the Mixed IM3 8+ event. The crew, consisting Grace Skirrow, Chloe Parmenter, Ben Welburn, Jodi Buswell, Liam Barford, Adam Young Ellie Russell, Ricahrd Ray and cox Chloe came up against another very capable Northampton crew in Piero De Marchis, Alice Burditt, Heather Brown, John Burditt, Sam Westgate, Adam Boix, Laura Trotter, Amy Walker and cox Carol Holmes. It was neck and neck at the half way point but the students managed to pull a 1/3L lead to take the win. They went on to lose to a Sudbury composite by 1¼ lengths in the final
The ladies coxed 4 of Chloe Parmenter, Jayne Morris, Jaqueline Jay, Hannah Foggett and cox Bijou Bukhory again made the final in WN4+ after beating Barnes Bridge Ladies 3½ lengths in their semi. Unfortunately they lost to the hosts, St Neots by 2 lengths in the final.
Ben Welburn and Richard Ray made the final of IM2 2- after coming through 2 heats. They first beat Cambridge 99 by 1 length in heat 1 and then St. Neots by 3½ lengths in semi. They lost to Norwich by 2½ lengths.
Max Costello and Dylan Welch made the final of Junior 2x after beating Doncaster Schools RA by a narrow 3ft! They lost to Broxbourne in the final by 2 lengths.
Jaqueline Jay and Hannah Foggett made it to the women's novice double final after beating Maidstone Invicta by 3/4 length. They lost out to another Maidstone Invicta crew in the final by 3½ lengths.
Josie Golden and Niamh Rigby were back in WJ15.2x and made the final again as they did yesterday. They beat Oundle Town by 2 lengths and then Doncaster Schools RA by 2½ lengths in the semi. They lost out to Trent by 2 lengths.
Max Costello showed have far he's come in J15 singles. He beat Sudbury by a canvas with a real determined performance in his first heat and then Deben in the semi. Unfortunately Max lost out to Peterborough City by 3 lengths in the final.
Josie Golden made the final in WJ14 singles with some more great sculling. She beat Newark by a very close 3ft in her heat and then Peterborough City easily. She lost to Doncaster Schools RA by 4 lengths in the final.
Novice 4+ (Harry Baxter, Sam Westgate, Tom Willis, Dan Knight and cox Bijou Bukhory) lost to Leeds (3L)
IM3 4x (Harry Baxter, Chris Hall, Tom Willis, Dan Knight) lost to Maidstone Invicta (2½L)
Mixed IM3 4x (Claire Elliot, Rachel Coowar, Jon Coowar and Sam Westgate) lost to York (4L)
Mixed IM3 2x (Nick Woodward and Heather Brown) lost to Deben (3L)
Mixed IM3 2x (Laura Trotter and Chris Radford) lost to Deben (½L)
Mixed IM3 2x (Rachel Coowar and Jon Coowar) lost to Deben (4½L)
J18 1x (Dylan Welch) lost to Peterborough City (E)
WJ15 1x (Niamh Rigby) lost to Peterborough City (3L)

Well done to NRC's three trainee umpires (Mark Holmes, Carol Holmes and Richard Ray) who made an officiating appearance on the Saturday.

A special thanks to Chris Radford and Rich Sewell for towing and to everyone else that helped and supported!

Star Regatta - 11th June

The Great River Ouse, Bedford was the venue for the 1200m Star Club regatta and the club recorded a fantastic win. Congratulations go to Niamh Rigby and Josie Golden for their maiden victory in WJ15 double sculls! The girls have worked very hard and richly deserved the win.


Peterborough City Regatta - 5th June

The club recorded 2 great wins at the Peterborough spring regatta (500m). The first came in IM3 double sculls where Liam Barford and Adam Boix won their heat before going on to win the final.
The second win came when Dylan Welch and Max Costello triumphed in a straight final in J18 double sculls.
Other results: -
NOV.8+ Rich Sewell, Chris Hall, Stuart Robinson, Ben Jeffries, Chris Clayson, Samuel Westgate, Thomas Willis and cox Hanna Watling. 2nd Heat, 3rd Final.
NOV.4+ Harry baxter, Rich Sewell, Chris Hall, Stuart Robinson and cox Jon Coowar. 3rd Heat.
WIM3.4+ Julia Jackson, Heather Brown, Rachel Coowar, Hannah Watling and cox Hannah Foggett. 2nd Final.
NOV.2x Sam Westgate and Jon Coowar. 1st Heat, 4th semi-final.
NOV.2x Ben Jefferies and Chis Clayson. 3rd Heat.
WJ15.2x Josie Golden and Niamh Rigby. 3rd heat.
IM1.1x Richard Ray. 4th heat.
IM3.1x Liam Bardford. 2nd heat, 2nd Repecharge.
IM3.1x Adam Boix. 3rd heat.
NOV.1x Rafael Kyte. 4th heat.


Metropolitan Regatta - 4th June

Richard Ray took part in IM1 singles coming 5/6 in his heat.

Nottingham City Regatta - 24th April

The 2k, six lane course at the National Watersport Centre was the venue for the Nottingham City regatta. The distance and level of competition was a step up for the club. That said, all entrants rowed well in blustery, overcast conditions.
W.IM3.8+ Laura Trotter, Amy Walker (rowing with a damaged rib!), Jaimie Hodgkinson, Julia Jackson, Heather Brown, Rachel Coowar, Grace Skirrow, Alice Burditt and cox Ollie Saxon - 07:37 (heat, 4/6)
J18.4x Rafael Kyte, Thomas Tinant, Dylan Welch and Max Costello - 7:40 (heat, 5/6)
IM3 2x Ollie Saxon (sitting in for poorly Nick) and Chris Hall - 8:02 (heat, 5/6)
N 2x Sam Westgate and Jon Coowar - 7:55 (Final, 3/6)
IM1 1x Richard Ray - 8:10 (6/6, heat)

Thanks to Chris for towing, Mark Saxon for the catering and to all others that helped and came along to support

Leicester Regatta - 24th April

The regatta season kicked off for the club with the traditional trip to Leicester. The trailer was packed for the 18 crews racing in what appeared to be a smaller event than in recent years.
Two women's crews were entered in the WIM3 4+ event with crew of Amy Walker, Jaimie Hodgkinson, Rachel Coowar, Hannah Watling and cox Hannah Fogget getting a bye to the final. The second crew of Laura Trotter, Eleanor Pratt, Heather Brown, Julia Jackson and cox Richard Ray had a good 1 length win over Newark in their heat. The final proved an exciting tussle between the Northampton crews with that stroked by Amy winning by just over a length.
The second success came in the men's IM3 4x event which was a three boat, all Northampton affair. The crew of Nick Woodward, Adam Boix, Chris Radford and Liam Barford beat Sam Westagte, Alex Tite, Jon Coowar and Harry Baxter to make the final. They continued their winning ways, beating the junior crew (moved up) of Dylan Welch, Tom Tinant, Raphael Kyte and Max Costello to take the win.
The third win came in an all Northampton novice double sculls final. The crew of Chris Hall and Harry Baxter beating Matthew Darlington and Ben Jackson.

Regatta winners...

Open Day - 2nd April

The club attracted around 20 people for the open day where the attendees got to see all aspects of the club and try out both indoor and on water activities. The Captain, Chris Radford said, "Nothing else to say other than a superb open day!! I'm so proud and the feedback is so positive from all! I hope you are all as proud as I am."
The next open day is planned for September after the Olympics.
Register here, if you are interested in attending for the next open day.

Junior Inter Regional Regatta Team Selection - 6th March

Several crews took part in the regional trials held at Peterborough City RC. Although no crews were selected, it was an great experience for all involved.

Women's Head of the River Race - 5th March

Two crews made the trip down to the Thames for the Women's Head of the River Race.
Intermediate Provincial A, Louisa Briar, Eleanor Pratt, Julia Jackson, Laura Trotter, Heather Brown, Hannah Watling, Rachel Coowar, Amy Walker and cox Ollie Saxon - 22:22.8
Intermediate Provincial B, Claire Elliott, Jacqueline Jay, Hannah Lavender, Alice Green, Alice Burditt, Elizabeth Tanqueray, Nadia Pollock, Hannah Hore and cox Chloe Vaughan - 24:25.3


Trent Head - 28th February

The sun was out but it was a bitterly cold head wind at the Trent Head. Two crews were entered: -
WIM3 8+, Louisa Briar, Eleanor Pratt, Julia Jackson, Laura Trotter, Heather Brown, Hannah Watling, Rachel Coowar, Amy Walker and cox Ollie Saxon - 22:01 (9/16)
IM3 4x, Liam Barford, Nick Woodward, Will Eastwood, and Harry Baxter - 20:36 (4/6)

Bedford Eights and Fours Head - 14th February

NRC entered 6 crews for the Bedford Eights and Fours Head and recorded a great win.
Nick Woodward, Johnathan Coowar, Liam Barford and Richard Ray won the IM3.4x event in a time of 7:09, with a second crew of Nick Woodward, Harry Baxter, Liam Barford and Richard Ray coming second (2/4) in 7:16.
Other crews included: -
J18A.4x- Dylan Welch, Ben Jackson, Raphael Kyte and James Pocklington - 07:41 (3/3)
W.IM3.8+ Amy Walker, Heather Brown, Julia Jackson, Eleanor Pratt, Rachel Coowar, Laura Trotter, Ellen Bounds and cox Alysha Lane - 07:54 (5/8)
W.IM3.8+ Amy Walker, Heather Brown, Julia Jackson, Alice Green, Rachel Coowar, Eleanor Pratt, Jaimie Hodgkinson and cox Alysha Lane - 08:24 (8/8)
A third men's IM3 4x was controversially tunred back heading to the start.
Thanks to the supporters who came along to support and to help!


Northampton Head of the Nene - 23rd January

Thanks to everyone who attended. Giles Mooney, chairman of NRC said “We've had another fantastic day with a great standard of rowing across all divisions”

Northampton recorded 5 fantastic wins, with the IM3 4x crew setting the fastest time of the day - 6.19.8.

See the head results here..

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